Land Planning

Eberly & Associates approaches Land Planning as an art & science. When fully constructed, a successful land plan will be a place that people will enjoy, whether working, creating or living. These plans achieve the highest and best use of the development, with efficient vehicular and pedestrian circulation and utility infrastructure that functions for any users and/or visitors all while providing overall visual appeal.

Do you have a challenging site? Give us a call. We like a challenge.

Land Planning services Include:

  • Due Diligence Reports
  • On and Off-Site Utilities Access & Approaches
  • Entitlements, Rezoning & Variance
  • Municipal Code & Site Design Parameters
  • Deed & Easement Research
  • Determine Required Approvals & Codes
  • Determine Applicable Fees
  • Perform Required Soil & Erosion Inspections
  • Acquire Appropriate Maps
  • DRI/GRTA/ARC Documentation
  • Department of Transportation Requirements and Coordination