About Eberly & Associates, Inc.

Eberly & Associates, Inc. is a team of Civil Engineers and Landscape Architects who collaboratively deliver responsive and purposeful solutions to diverse development challenges to shape our shared future. We have a standard of excellence in design, focusing on customer responsiveness and service known as The Eberly Way.

Eberly & Associates, Inc. was founded in 1982 as a Land Planning firm, and within six months, Civil Engineers followed by Landscape Architects were added to offer comprehensive site design. This combination has resulted in teams who can visualize site assets and develop them into economically viable and aesthetically pleasing developments.

Today, our staff of Professional Engineers, Registered Landscape Architects and support staff closely collaborate to create site designs ranging from conceptual master plans and schematics to full site construction documents. Our team’s focus is on practical and effective solutions to lower the environmental impact of attractive and sustainable design. Our award-winning leadership team guides the firm to help land owners, developers and architects reach their unique goals.

Our Landscape Architects create a unique vision and palette that reflect the project. Each project is designed to engage the visitor and connect them in a special way to the outside environment.