Focal Willow Oak Installation at Bryn House

Fresh from the field of the dedicated team at Urban Forestry Works, this majestic Willow Oak stands tall at Bryn House, boasting an impressive 21-inch caliper and soaring to a towering height of 60 feet. With care and expertise, it has been seamlessly transplanted into its new home, a testament to the commitment to urban greenery and sustainable landscaping.

As it settles into its new surroundings, the Willow Oak requires around 250 gallons of water per day to aid in its acclimatization and ensure its successful establishment.

Prior to installation day, our team of Landscape Architects meticulously planed the placement of the tree, considering factors like soil conditions, root area and sunlight exposure plus aesthetic appeal to create a balanced and sustainable landscape. They also facilitated the careful selection of the Willow Oak, visiting tree farms and hand selecting the best options for the project. They looked for the perfect form and character to compliment Bryn House.

On install day, our team provided day of oversight to ensure optimized orientation and placement, aided in coordination between the growers and diggers, the transportation team and the projects landscape contractor.

Beyond its practical benefits, this magnificent tree promises to be more than just a fixture in the landscape. It will become a focal point of the community, enriching the environment with a sense of tranquility and natural beauty. As it matures, it will offer respite from the sun’s rays and create a welcoming space for gatherings, fostering a deeper connection between people and nature.