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With gratitude, our team celebrates Scott Gardner’s 30th anniversary with Eberly & Associates, Inc. His unwavering dedication and exceptional contributions have been an invaluable asset to our company. Since joining on July 12, 1993, Scott has consistently exemplified the highest standards of engineering, commitment, and leadership. Scott has been the leader in developing and growing the industrial / warehouse / manufacturing sector of the business, which has become one of the company’s most recognized areas of expertise.

“Scott is recognized in Atlanta as a leader in the industrial development sector for the many years of successful projects that have come to fruition with his involvement. Clients know they can get the real story on a piece of property when they consult with Scott. They may not always like the answer, but they appreciate the honesty and the detailed effort he puts into his site feasibility reviews. He has set a standard for our entire team. Eberly & Associates is lucky to have Scott as a leader in this sector.” – Wesley Reed, Associate, Eberly & Associates, Inc.

Through his leadership by example, Scott has built a respected team who brings a collaborative approach to engineering challenges and willingness to go the extra mile. His ability to motivate and mentor team members has been instrumental in growing our robust engineering talent within the company.

“Scott has been one of the biggest champions in my career. He has guided me to become a better engineer and manager while supporting me during my life transition to being a working mom.  I am so grateful for the opportunities I have had in working for him and the knowledge I have acquired.” – Lauren Leyrer, Senior Project Manager, Eberly & Associates, Inc.

Our firm takes pride in our commitment to people, quality and growth. This message we hold at the forefront of everything we do, inside our office doors as a firm and in the field with our clients and partners. And over the past 30 years Scott has been a guiding force. As we recognize this milestone and his accomplishments to the company and industry, we asked him for his memories and thoughts on our mission of people, quality and growth. Here is what he said.

People – “In my starter years, I had the fortune of being trained by Joon Ki Song, a true master of site grading and land development design. Mr. Song set the base for the engineering standards and quality for our firm that has lasted for over 40 years now. Unfortunately, Mr. Song succumbed to Lou Gehrig’s Disease (ALS) in 2009. Since then, the ALS Association has become the primary charitable organization supported by our company.”

“As time has marched on, I have been blessed to have solid business partners that have helped me grow personally and professionally. I’m thankful for Brian Brumfield, Michael Wright, Kevin Edwards, Wesley Reed, Arlene Mohammed, Jeremiah Phillips and Jennifer Ilkin for all their efforts over the years, many of whom I have been working with for 2-3 decades!”

“I do recall and appreciate Wesley Reed and Jeremiah Phillips staying with the firm during the Great Recession. These men worked 2-3 days a week, because that’s all we could afford at the time as we battled the worst economic conditions for our industry in my lifetime. Both men have turned into strong engineers, sector leaders and businessmen and exemplify the quality of people we have here at Eberly & Associates.”

Quality – “Along with good business partners, I was also fortunate to have fostered the business’ industrial/warehouse/distribution development sector. I believe the first Industrial project I worked on was for Robert Pattillo Properties in Greenwood Industrial in Henry County, Georgia and as they say, “the rest is history”. We continue to work in the park today.”

“The industrial sector has been very good to me and to Eberly & Associates and I would like to thank every client in that sector for the work you have allowed us to perform for you over the last three decades.”

“We have worked hard to build and maintain a quality “brand” in all sectors of development, but my focus and passion has always been concerned with our reputation in the industrial sector. Our goal has always been to provide solid designs with proactive and responsive communication and to always “finish” the project.”

Growth – “When I was hired by Greg Delaney in 1993, there were 5 total employees at the firm. Since then, we have grown to a 45 plus person civil engineering, landscape architecture and land planning firm with most of our ownership coming from people that started their careers here at Eberly & Associates. Lastly, I would like to thank past business partners Dan Eberly and Greg Delaney for hiring me and then allowing me the professional growth opportunities and to become a partner in the firm back in 1999. It’s been an exciting 30 years!”

“I grew up with a saying…”Iron sharpens iron”. That’s exactly how I feel working and leading with Scott. He keeps me sharp and on my toes.

“What am I missing?” “What am I not thinking of?” “Where are our blind spots?”

Scott sees current or past conditions and makes sure that as a leadership team, we either enhance, improve or re-adjust. He brings empirical data into problem solving and helps to keep our firm from becoming complacent. Working with Scott ensures that we never rest on our laurels, and consistently seek to improve.

Happy and wonderful anniversary Partner!”Kevin Edwards, President & CEO, Eberly & Associates, Inc.

Star Metals Office received recognition from the American Society of Landscape Architects during the 2023 Southeast Regional Conference, held in Atlanta, Georgia. Presented by the Conference Awards Committee, the Class A office and retail building that is the most recent built phase of Star Metals District, took home a Merit Award in the General Design Category. This category receives submissions of a variety of project types including public, institutional or private landscapes, historic preservation, green roofs, green infrastructure, design for mobility, landscape art installation and more.

Conceived to shake up the status quo of the typical office building, the project offers expansive exterior balconies on every office level as well as a large group amenity deck on level 7, exclusive to office tenants, replete with a custom bar area, outdoor lounge/workspaces, and 30-person conference center, overlooking lush over-structure landscapes. Reaching a height of 165 feet above grade, the project is currently the tallest office building in West Midtown and provides unobstructed views of Buckhead, Midtown, and Downtown.

“The SMO building is one of the most unique office buildings in Atlanta in part because of the lush outdoor amenity spaces and offices terraces designed by Eberly & Associates. The landscape architecture team’s technical knowledge and collaborative and creative approach was influential in this project’s success. We look forward to working together to deliver these spaces further in the Star Metals District.” – The Allen Morris Company, Owner/Developer of Star Metals District.

Take a closer look at this project.

Morrow High School received the highest recognition at this year’s AIA Georgia Design and Honor Awards, an AIA Georgia 2023 Excellence Award, awarded by a jury of national architects.

Congratulations to Perkins + Will for this innovative design and to the entire project team. Our K-12 studio provided civil engineering services throughout the design and construction of this campus, proudly serving as part of the project team.

Fresh from the field of the dedicated team at Urban Forestry Works, this majestic Willow Oak stands tall at Bryn House, boasting an impressive 21-inch caliper and soaring to a towering height of 60 feet. With care and expertise, it has been seamlessly transplanted into its new home, a testament to the commitment to urban greenery and sustainable landscaping.

As it settles into its new surroundings, the Willow Oak requires around 250 gallons of water per day to aid in its acclimatization and ensure its successful establishment.

Prior to installation day, our team of Landscape Architects meticulously planed the placement of the tree, considering factors like soil conditions, root area and sunlight exposure plus aesthetic appeal to create a balanced and sustainable landscape. They also facilitated the careful selection of the Willow Oak, visiting tree farms and hand selecting the best options for the project. They looked for the perfect form and character to compliment Bryn House.

On install day, our team provided day of oversight to ensure optimized orientation and placement, aided in coordination between the growers and diggers, the transportation team and the projects landscape contractor.

Beyond its practical benefits, this magnificent tree promises to be more than just a fixture in the landscape. It will become a focal point of the community, enriching the environment with a sense of tranquility and natural beauty. As it matures, it will offer respite from the sun’s rays and create a welcoming space for gatherings, fostering a deeper connection between people and nature.

Eberly & Associates, Inc. is proud to announce the following staff promotions:

Lauren Leyrer, PE

Lauren has been named Civil Engineering Group Leader at Eberly & Associates, Inc. Since joining our firm, Lauren has been a leader and mentor inside our office doors and beyond. She is an excellent engineer, registered in 3 states, leading a team designing a wide variety of project types including industrial, recreational, federal, education and healthcare. She is also a driving force of our firms’ use of new technologies to keep our operations and design methods up to current standards and running as efficiently as possible to best serve our clients.

Outside of our office, Lauren serves as Chair of the Women’s Leadership Initiative for ULI Atlanta and is in the current Center for Leadership Class. And she was recently named one of Engineering Georgia’s 50 Notable Women.


Cody Lanman

Our team is proud to announce that Cody Lanman has been named Project Manager. Cody has been a vital member of our team, leading and designing a variety of projects including education, recreational and multifamily, with a focus on the K12 sector. He is also active with ACEC Georgia and is in the current Future Leaders Class.



Congratulations to both Lauren and Cody on their new roles!

Amy Granelli, our Director of Marketing & Business Development, has been appointed to AIA Atlanta’s Board of Directors.

Throughout 2023, she will serve as an advocate for the chapter’s patrons. By supporting these partnerships with the service and product providers, Amy will aid AIA Atlanta in continuing their mission of advocating for the built environment and providing architects the resources to do their best work.

If you are interested in learning more about AIA Atlanta’s Patron Program contact Amy today!

Hear staff conversations on history and future below.

When we as individuals turn 40, we see it as a milestone that forces us to stop to take stock of where we’ve been and map out where we’d like to go. The same can be true for companies and Eberly & Associates, Inc. is turning 40. The past four decades have seen mileposts that include two seamless ownership transitions, consistent commitment to our mission, vision, and culture, and skillfully navigating the unique challenges and unexpected windfalls presented beginning in 2020.

Eberly & Associates, Inc. growth since March 2020 has been unprecedented in our company’s history. With increased revenues of 56% we have had to be nimble and creative in how we manage our expansion to ensure we maintain the exceptional level of quality results and client-focused service we are known for. COVID has been a painful disrupter to how we live our lives and conduct our business. It has also been a catalyst for rapid growth in ecommerce, industrial manufacturing, warehouse, and data center sectors. As metro Atlanta continues to grow, increases in population has fueled the multifamily housing market, which has also driven an increase in our business. To support this new business, our company has had to grow quickly and as a result, Eberly & Associates’ team has increased by 43%.

Hiring staff to manage expansion is a small part of why we have been successful – it isn’t just about adding bodies. At Eberly & Associates, Inc. it’s about 40 years of carefully curating our culture of training, from interns to company leadership, promoting from within, and remaining true to The Eberly Way. Our diverse staff is another ingredient of our success.  For many organizations, diversity is newly important. At Eberly & Associates, Inc., diversity and employee longevity have been part of our culture from the beginning. We are, and always have been, better and more creative because of our diverse employee makeup, which has evolved organically over the years. Our mission is to ensure that as we grow over the next 40 years, we  continue to cultivate our inclusive and diverse culture. The result of our longstanding commitment to intentionally and thoughtfully building our culture is that it has fostered consistency in processes, standards, and shared priorities – our people and our clients come first – our operational and cultural foundation is very strong and has positioned us to adapt quickly to this explosive growth. Are we busy? Yes. Do we get tired? Sure. Have we risen to the challenge? Absolutely!

One component of The Eberly Way is our focus on quality and a respect for the procedures that enable our team to deliver quality service and exceptional results to our clients. This has been a core element of our company for 40 years and will inform our management decisions for the decades to come. The checks and balances we have in place are systematic and measured. Our QA/QC program is based on quantified data that drive informed project management decisions. Each week the Eberly team meets to address Standard Operating Procedures and consider course corrections when necessary. Engaging subject matter experts to conduct design reviews who are not part of the project team – not once but twice during a project’s lifecycle – to put a vital set of “fresh eyes” on the project amplifies our ability to produce outstanding work.

Excellent work for our clients is a source of pride for our company and it is the “secret sauce” that energizes our culture. We are consummate professionals who believe in understanding our clients’ business goals and working to achieve them. At Eberly & Associates, Inc. we know when our clients succeed, we succeed, so it is easy to put them first. How do we achieve success for our clients? Our expertise and engagement during the very early development stages of a project make the difference. We are knowledgeable, our team has long-standing relationships in every metro Atlanta jurisdiction, and we understand the intricacies of how to design a site to maximize our clients’ pro formas. At Eberly we approach each project as if our own investment were at stake.

We also bring value to our clients by managing highly complex and challenging sites as prime real estate options become scarcer. The most desirable sites are being snapped up at a rapid pace leaving fewer and fewer desirable tracts available for development. Consequently, available greenfield sites offer more challenging topography and environmental constraints, while developed high-density, and sites resulting from assemblages, can present zoning, entitlement, permitting and infrastructure issues. At Eberly & Associates, Inc., our team of professional designers and engineers are highly skilled specialists who, through early engagement, guide clients through the very complex process of site assessment, can leverage longstanding jurisdictional relationships to facilitate permitting and zoning solutions, and conduct thorough due diligence to provide valuable information on which to base informed decisions to make a site work best for clients. When this process can consume nearly 50% of time invested in the land development phase of a project, Eberly’s team of specialists are essential to maximizing property investment. Navigating this process for our clients is one part of the equation. When a site is secured and a project is ready to move forward, we are poised and prepared to tackle the unexpected and devise creative solutions to unanticipated challenges, which is even more important in today’s volatile market.

If the past two years have taught us nothing else, they have taught us to be adaptable and nimble. At Eberly & Associates, Inc. we successfully address the range of rapidly shifting forces, including changing regulations, varying levels of client commitments to sustainable design and development, market forces that drive unpredictable expansions and contractions, supply chain challenges, and the impact COVID-driven work-life balance has had on development. Despite uncertain times, our team at Eberly & Associates, Inc. has a proven its ability to develop creative solutions when outside forces demand it. If a specified material is held up in a supply chain bottleneck, our team is nimble and able to quickly redesign a solution using alternatives. These experiences and solutions become part of our solutions-based approach and  are available as pro-active suggestions on other projects when applicable. Our creativity and problem-solving skill are the foundation of our ability to deliver exceptional client service and support our clients’ success.

Our 40-year history has served us well in establishing a stable, reliable company poised to embrace the next 40 years. We have remained focused on our mission, management approach, and commitment to our employees and our clients, and our ability to thrive through the toughest of circumstances while more than doubling our revenues is a feat to celebrate. Forty years is an exciting milestone, and while we celebrate and honor our culture and history, we are focused on building on that legacy and amplifying our expertise for the benefit of our clients, our employees, and the company for the next 40 years.

Join us in congratulating our Business Development and Marketing Manager, Amy Granelli, on her graduation from ULI Atlanta’s Center for Leadership!

Over the course of 9 months, she along with her classmates, participated in presentations, panels, property tours and activities focusing on the responsible development of the Atlanta region. The group also had the opportunity to provide thought leadership through a mini Technical Assistance Panel (mTAP), addressing a critical issue that the region is facing.

The 2022 class is filled with true leaders who are making an impact on our community and our City.

“It was an honor and privilege to be part of the 13th Class of the Center for Leadership. I learned so much. The monthly classes were curated to bring differing perspectives on topics impacting the area – Development, Regionalism, Economic Development, Affordable Housing, ESG and others. It was also inspirational to meet and build friendships with my fellow CFL classmates. They are leaders in their respective fields and are doing great things and will continue to do great things for our city.” – Amy Granelli