Scott Gardner Celebrates 30 Years with the Firm

With gratitude, our team celebrates Scott Gardner’s 30th anniversary with Eberly & Associates, Inc. His unwavering dedication and exceptional contributions have been an invaluable asset to our company. Since joining on July 12, 1993, Scott has consistently exemplified the highest standards of engineering, commitment, and leadership. Scott has been the leader in developing and growing the industrial / warehouse / manufacturing sector of the business, which has become one of the company’s most recognized areas of expertise.

“Scott is recognized in Atlanta as a leader in the industrial development sector for the many years of successful projects that have come to fruition with his involvement. Clients know they can get the real story on a piece of property when they consult with Scott. They may not always like the answer, but they appreciate the honesty and the detailed effort he puts into his site feasibility reviews. He has set a standard for our entire team. Eberly & Associates is lucky to have Scott as a leader in this sector.” – Wesley Reed, Associate, Eberly & Associates, Inc.

Through his leadership by example, Scott has built a respected team who brings a collaborative approach to engineering challenges and willingness to go the extra mile. His ability to motivate and mentor team members has been instrumental in growing our robust engineering talent within the company.

“Scott has been one of the biggest champions in my career. He has guided me to become a better engineer and manager while supporting me during my life transition to being a working mom.  I am so grateful for the opportunities I have had in working for him and the knowledge I have acquired.” – Lauren Leyrer, Senior Project Manager, Eberly & Associates, Inc.

Our firm takes pride in our commitment to people, quality and growth. This message we hold at the forefront of everything we do, inside our office doors as a firm and in the field with our clients and partners. And over the past 30 years Scott has been a guiding force. As we recognize this milestone and his accomplishments to the company and industry, we asked him for his memories and thoughts on our mission of people, quality and growth. Here is what he said.

People – “In my starter years, I had the fortune of being trained by Joon Ki Song, a true master of site grading and land development design. Mr. Song set the base for the engineering standards and quality for our firm that has lasted for over 40 years now. Unfortunately, Mr. Song succumbed to Lou Gehrig’s Disease (ALS) in 2009. Since then, the ALS Association has become the primary charitable organization supported by our company.”

“As time has marched on, I have been blessed to have solid business partners that have helped me grow personally and professionally. I’m thankful for Brian Brumfield, Michael Wright, Kevin Edwards, Wesley Reed, Arlene Mohammed, Jeremiah Phillips and Jennifer Ilkin for all their efforts over the years, many of whom I have been working with for 2-3 decades!”

“I do recall and appreciate Wesley Reed and Jeremiah Phillips staying with the firm during the Great Recession. These men worked 2-3 days a week, because that’s all we could afford at the time as we battled the worst economic conditions for our industry in my lifetime. Both men have turned into strong engineers, sector leaders and businessmen and exemplify the quality of people we have here at Eberly & Associates.”

Quality – “Along with good business partners, I was also fortunate to have fostered the business’ industrial/warehouse/distribution development sector. I believe the first Industrial project I worked on was for Robert Pattillo Properties in Greenwood Industrial in Henry County, Georgia and as they say, “the rest is history”. We continue to work in the park today.”

“The industrial sector has been very good to me and to Eberly & Associates and I would like to thank every client in that sector for the work you have allowed us to perform for you over the last three decades.”

“We have worked hard to build and maintain a quality “brand” in all sectors of development, but my focus and passion has always been concerned with our reputation in the industrial sector. Our goal has always been to provide solid designs with proactive and responsive communication and to always “finish” the project.”

Growth – “When I was hired by Greg Delaney in 1993, there were 5 total employees at the firm. Since then, we have grown to a 45 plus person civil engineering, landscape architecture and land planning firm with most of our ownership coming from people that started their careers here at Eberly & Associates. Lastly, I would like to thank past business partners Dan Eberly and Greg Delaney for hiring me and then allowing me the professional growth opportunities and to become a partner in the firm back in 1999. It’s been an exciting 30 years!”

“I grew up with a saying…”Iron sharpens iron”. That’s exactly how I feel working and leading with Scott. He keeps me sharp and on my toes.

“What am I missing?” “What am I not thinking of?” “Where are our blind spots?”

Scott sees current or past conditions and makes sure that as a leadership team, we either enhance, improve or re-adjust. He brings empirical data into problem solving and helps to keep our firm from becoming complacent. Working with Scott ensures that we never rest on our laurels, and consistently seek to improve.

Happy and wonderful anniversary Partner!”Kevin Edwards, President & CEO, Eberly & Associates, Inc.