Piedmont Fayette Hospital

Emergency Department & In-Patient Expansion

Eberly & Associates provided civil engineering and landscape architecture services for the Phase I, 3-story expansion along the hospital’s east side. The expansion added 27 emergency examination rooms and three trauma rooms. The additional floors above serve as patient floors that include in-room dialysis, observation beds, medical surgery, and private in-patient rooms. The expansion required the relocation of the helipad, rerouting emergency vehicle ingress and egress, and the addition of on-grade parking.

In anticipation of future development, the site development team used 3-D video modeling to analyze different landing pad locations. The site was chosen since it offered the most flexible options for the future. Emergency vehicle access was re-routed to the new entrance with attention to separate patterns for employee and visitor traffic patterns.

A new 29-space lot was located to minimize grading, tree relocation within an optimum distance to entry.