Woodward Academy

Middle School Quad

Eberly & Associates provided Landscape Architecture services to reimagine the central outdoor quad on the Woodward Academy Middle School Campus. The existing greenspace, situated between the Dickerson Art Center, Brand-Tucker Hall and Dining Hall, is highly used and in need of rejuvenation. The area is enjoyed by students and staff during all hours of the school day for outdoor dining, class instruction, and passive recreation. This heavy usage, along with heavily shaded areas, cause wear-and-tear and maintenance challenges.

The proposed design aims to minimize those challenges while maximizes the potential of the space for its users. The plan integrates a versatile synthetic lawn with individual ‘pocket plazas’ under the existing perimeter trees. The lawn provides a low-maintenance usable greenspace, while the plazas take advantage of the shade to create areas that can be used as classrooms, reading nooks, dining spaces, passive congregation or anything in-between.

Renderings provided by Eberly & Associates, Inc.