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Land Disturbance Permitting

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Land Disturbance Permits are typically issued by local municipalities throughout Georgia and the Southeastern United States for any type of construction project. Some projects also require certain types of Federal, state, and special utility or private entity permit prior to receiving a local land disturbance permit.

Common federal permits include wetland & stream Army Corps permits or FEMA Flood Study approval. Common Georgia state level approvals include GADOT driveway & road permits, Environmental Protection Department (EDP) stream buffer variance permits, EPD notice of intent to meet water quality requirements during construction, Georgia Soil & Water Conservation Commission (GSWCC) Erosion Control approval, and on occasion the state fire marshal approval. Special permits include permission to construct within utility easements/property such as Georgia Power and additional permits maybe required to encroach on private right-of-ways such as railroad entities. Simultaneously, while obtaining federal and state approvals, the construction plans are typically submitted to the local jurisdiction to ensure compliance with zoning regulations, local stormwater and utility connection requirements.

Eberly & Associates engineers work with property owners and developers to create construction documents that address both the constructability of the project and the environmental concerns of the federal, state, and local jurisdictions having authority. Our professionals work closely with the jurisdictional review teams to assist our clients in securing site permits so projects can move forward into construction.

Services include assistance with:

  • Plans & Exhibits as directed by the environmental professional for submittal to the Army Corps of Engineers
  • Flood Studies
  • State DOT permits
  • State Stream Buffer Variances
  • EPD-Notice of Intent for stormwater discharge
  • State erosion control permits
  • Special private entity encroachment permits
  • Local jurisdiction Land Development permits