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Bristol Motor Speedway, Bristol, TN

Eberly & Associates provided Civil Engineering and track analysis services  for the rebuilding of the track’s signature concrete racing surface.  Improvements to the track geometry were made to provide for a smoother ride and encourage side-by-side racing.  Input from interviews with professional drivers was gathered and incorporated into the design.  A 3D geometric design was completed of the track surface for use by the surveyor and construction crew to allow construction of a concave driving surface where banking increases as a car moves to the outside.

A specially fabricated concrete paving machine was manufactured specifically for the Bristol Motor Speedway repaving project to match with the Eberly’s 3D design geometry.  The concave shape of the track surface presented a geometrical challenge which required the creation of new formulas to describe the movement of cars at any point around the track.  The pit roads and all crash walls were redesigned and replaced as part of the project.

The engineering team created an innovative design of variable cross slope bank utilizing a custom concrete cantilever screed system.

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