“Working with the Eberly & Associates team means that you have an incredible breadth and depth of experience in the permitting process, and a deep understanding of in-town infrastructure and agencies – all invaluable in development or redevelopment within the City of Atlanta. We’ve seen their expert knowledge of construction, particularly complex, over-structure systems and detailing, provide tremendous economy in time, materials, and construction costs.”
Jessica Walburn, Project Manager, Ponce City Market, 725 Ponce, 2300 Defoor Hills Road

Eberly and their team has been diligent in making sure the design meets project requirements in a creative manner from both a zoning and design standpoint. Their team has been hands on throughout the design process, and are always open to new ideas and changes that benefit the project for the long run.
Devin Blankenship, Prestwick Companies

Walden Athletic Complex
“Eberly proved to be the right choice to provide the civil and landscape design and coordinate the architectural design for a very difficult site that required the demolition of an existing school building and leveling a 12 ft. drop-off to install a Baseball/softball, combination Football/Soccer/Lacrosse field with a 5,000 SF Fieldhouse. We appreciate the effort from Eberly and the project was completed within the budget.”
George Harkness, Program Manager, Atlanta Public Schools

“Plans from Eberly & Associates were a welcome sight because they were always right the first time.
W. Arnold, Former Site Plan Review at City of Atlanta”

“ai3 has thoroughly enjoyed working with Eberly & Associates and specifically, Jennifer Ilkin, on the conceptual design of a 200-acre sports masterplan. Eberly’s and Jennifer’s insights in creative landscape and hardscape solutions was refreshing. They understand the relationships between architecture, the landscape and the pedestrian experience. It is this insight that results in richer and more meaningful design solutions. The positive attitude that they approach projects with helps to create a work environment that fosters a total collaborative effort.”