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Maximizing Site Potential for Sport Complexes

The size and diverse user groups of sports facilities create complex challenges specifically for site design teams. Eberly & Associates is currently designing several large sports facilities such as Atlanta Sports City and a sports complex for Atlanta public schools. Maximizing the land use, field orientation, vehicular and pedestrian ingress and egress are only some of design elements that land planners and landscape architects consider.

Currently Eberly & Associates’ landscape architects are working with Atlanta Public Schools to design an athletic complex to support the athletic programs in the Grady Cluster. The new complex located on a high profile, historic site will include several different natural turf sports fields as well as a field house. The small site is bound by an interstate on-ramp and existing apartment community, so orienting a football/lacrosse/soccer field and softball/baseball field proved challenging. The final layout offers maximum flexibility, allowing different sports to practice on one field while a middle or high-school game is being played on the other.

Creating a unique sense of place is also a priority with sports and athletic complexes. In addition to the competition, venue owners want to create a memorable experience for the athlete and visitor. The experience is paramount in the Atlanta Sports Complex master plan. This new destination entertainment-sports complex will host competitions for baseball, gymnastics, tennis rugby, track & field, futsal, wrestling and soccer to name a few.

Phase I complex will feature synthetic and natural turf soccer fields with visitor amenities such as walking trails, biking trails, and enhanced concessions. The Walden Athletic complex site design incorporates components from the building that was on the site. The design team also incorporated cobbles from the previous amphitheater into the pedestrian entry, providing the complex with a historical feel.

Recreational and competitive sports facilities are a new feature in mixed-use destinations; adding a new complexity to land planning and site design. The landscape architects at Eberly and Associates have extensive experience with this type of design as well as the understanding that no two projects are the same. This allows them to intelligently design sports complexes to maximize the field space and enhance the user experience.


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