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International Women in Engineering Day

Join us on June 23rd as we celebrate International Women in Engineering Day. Eberly & Associates is fortunate to have skilled women civil engineers. We asked 3 of these women to talk about why they chose engineering and why they love it. Here is what they had to say:

“My dad received a degree in civil engineering before joining the Navy and my sister is also a civil engineer. When my sister first started working, we would talk about her work and her projects. I chose to become a Civil Engineer because the projects we work on affect people’s lives every single day such as a roundabout, sidewalks, schools, grocery stores, the list goes on. I love seeing the projects we design on paper come to life in the field. My favorite thing about being a woman in engineering is the women mentors I have encountered along the way.” – Lauren Maloney, Project Manager

“To attempt to make a long response short, I chose Engineering when I was a rising senior in High School. I was pursuing a D1 scholarship in soccer and had narrowed it down to a few schools, but without knowing my major it made picking the perfect school challenging.  My counselor met with me in an attempt to help me decide which school had the best program for me and guide me towards a possible major.  I knew that math and science came a little bit easier for me, but engineering hadn’t crossed my mind until that conversation and I am so happy that it did.  With her guidance, I decided to jump into an engineering class to “test the waters” in the engineering world.  After that semester I knew I would find great success with Civil Engineering.  UAB had always been my first choice, but the best addition to my choice was the great civil engineering program.  My favorite part about civil engineering is the ever changing need in Atlanta and the United States for a new project or building.  As I continue to grow as an engineer I hope to have the opportunity to work on a wide variety of projects throughout Georgia and areas that E&A continues to explore.  The scope of Civil Engineering can be so broad and I have the opportunity to grow in every direction as a Civil Engineer”.  – Johanna Liney, Project Engineer

“I pursued civil engineering as a degree based on the diversity of the civil engineering industry. I wanted to help enhance civilization from the homes we live in, the roads we travel on, to the communities where we work and play.  At this point in my career, I have designed, permitted, and consulted in each of those areas of civil engineering. Civil engineering stands true as a diverse engineering career field, but today I am even more grateful that I have worked with men and women who see the value in making civil engineering diverse in culture. I am proud to be a woman in engineering.”- Shigodta Freeman, Project Manager

We applaud and thank all of these women and all of the women that work in the engineering industry. One day is simply not enough to celebrate all that you do!


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