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Guidance on how to be employable upon graduation

“I’m in civil engineering and am interested in site development. How do I get there?” “Are these the classes I need to get a job?” “I’m interested, but don’t know what the job actually is. What skills should I have?” We’ve been there too!

A college career can be one of the most exciting, challenging, and exhausting times of life. You are not only trying to balance a job, school, and extracurricular activities, but also trying to determine what you want to do for a career. In the mounds of work and lectures it can be hard to sort everything out and identify exactly how you should go about preparing for your career.

Eberly and Associates have several young professionals who have gone through just that. They have taken some time to share their personal advice for Civil Engineer students, in order to help them become prepared for a career in site development. Below is a list of some of the top advice that was given.

  1. If you have an opportunity, take an Auto CAD class. It is the 3D program you will use regularly to do all of your drawings.
  2. If your school has any clubs that pertain to site design, join them and stay active in them.
  3. If the school you are attending offers a site design class (not all do), take it.
  4. Intern at a civil engineering firm over the summer to get your feet wet and see what they really do.
  5. If you are looking at applying to jobs at a certain firm once you graduate, see if they have any internship positions available. Networking is always beneficial.
  6. Be sure to attend job fairs every semester. Even though you might not get an offer right away, as long as you make a positive impression, recruiters will remember you.
  7. Always have a good reason for designing something the way that you do, because you will get asked a lot of questions.
  8. Be organized. Being a civil engineer will require you to meet a lot of deadlines from several different projects.
  9. Take a public speaking class and engage in activities that will help you to develop your professional communication skills.
  10. Take the FE exam before you graduate. It is not required before looking for a job, but is a gateway to obtaining a PE, which will provide you with numerous opportunities.

Eberly and Associates offers many great career opportunities. If you are interested in working at Eberly and Associates specifically, interning here can be beneficial. Not only does it allow you to get a foot ahead, but you also get to start learning from the people who you will learn from over the course of your career. Eberly and Associates is a community, which allows young professionals to have the opportunity to communicate and learn from experts who have been in the field for 20 or more years.


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