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Civil Engineers and Landscape Architects Working Side by Side Maximize Site Development Potential

Significant events of 1982 – AT&T monopoly is broken up, Disney opens Epcot Center, The Computer is Time’s Machine of the Year and Eberly & Associates is founded!  The firm opened their door as one of the first firms in the Southeast to offer the unique integration of Civil Engineering and Landscape Architecture services to work with owners, developers and architects to maximize site development potential. When working next to each other in a collaborative environment our designers and engineers deliver a more efficient process, create intelligent aesthetic site designs and produce more environmentally sustainable solutions.

Land Disturbance permitting is an essential, sometimes complex, and often lengthy part of the design and construction process. Our synchronized team of civil engineers and landscape architects can more thoroughly explore the impact of stormwater management, infrastructure layout, and tree protection regulations during the initial planning process, and limit comments and review times during permitting.

As the design process continues, so too does the collaboration. For example, our civil engineers and landscape design counterparts, discuss ideas on how to locate and integrate a detention pond in a more aesthetic manner. Our landscape architects ensure that the design and layout of the site takes into account the engineering concept, blends in nicely with the surrounding environment, provides desired amenities, and is sustainable. Through collaboration, these goals are refined and balanced within the team to provide a comprehensive site plan.

With increasing attention on sites as amenities, and with greater interest in applying Biophilic design concepts – designing where we work, live, and play with a much greater and deeper connection to nature – the close collaboration of civil engineers and landscape architects will become more essential.

The result of our professionals working in such close proximity is a transfer of knowledge. This environment allows each member of our team to develop a deeper understanding of how to engineer aesthetic, sustainable sites efficiently, saving our clients’ time and money.


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