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The Eberly Insider is a monthly blog where our professional civil engineers and landscape architects discuss technical aspects of our site development, business insights and career interests.

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Preservation can be the ultimate recycling project. Historic preservation and adaptive reuse are becoming increasingly popular as a means to maintain cultural character and sustainable.

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“I’m majoring in civil engineering, and am interested in site development. How do I get there?”  “Are these the classes I need to get a job?” “I’m interested, but don’t know what the job actually is. What skills should I have?” We’ve been there too!

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Maximizing Site Potential for Sport Complexes

The size and diverse user groups of sports facilities create complex challenges specifically for site design teams. Eberly & Associates is currently designing several large sports facilities such as Atlanta Sports City and a sports complex for Atlanta public schools. Maximizing the land use, field orientation, vehicular and pedestrian ingress and egress are only some of design elements that land planners and landscape architects consider.

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Civil Engineers and Landscape Architects Working Side by Side Maximize Site Development Potential

Significant events of 1982 – AT&T monopoly is broken up, Disney opens Epcot Center, The Computer is Time’s Machine of the Year and Eberly & Associates is founded!  The firm opened their door as one of the first firms in the Southeast to offer the unique integration of Civil Engineering and Landscape Architecture services to work with owners, developers and architects to maximize site development potential. When working next to each other in a collaborative environment our designers and engineers deliver a more efficient process, create intelligent aesthetic site designs and produce more environmentally sustainable solutions.

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Complex Tree Protection Regulations Require Expertise for Guidance during Due Diligence

Tree regulations have become one of the major factors impacting development in and around Metro-Atlanta.  The cost associated with these regulations ranges from the cost of installing one tree up to and potentially exceeding $1,000,000. These regulations also vary from simple tree protection plans without replacement requirements to comprehensive ordinances that place regulation on tree protection and replacement; to specimen tree removal and replacement; to alternative compliance (tree banks); or landscape requirements including shrubs, groundcover, and turf installations.

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