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As Permitted Q2 2016 – Multi-Family Housing

As Multi-family housing projects continue to build the Atlanta skyline, our site engineers and landscape architects are working at and under-ground on many of the most significant projects. One key components affecting site design in the City of Atlanta is the Green Infrastructure ordinance, which was adopted to minimize the impact of stormwater run-off from new or renovated developments within the City o f Atlanta. This ordinance, adopted in 2013, dictates how to manage stormwater flows using sustainable, more natural infrastructure. Eberly & Associates Civil Engineers and Landscape Architects work together with Architects and Owners to determine the most cost effective, maintainable, aesthetic solutions for these challenging, urban, multi-family sites. Following are examples of how our multi-family project team has addressed the Green Infrastructure requirements for these unique projects.

60 11th Street

The City’s Green Infrastructure Ordinance requires retention/infiltration for the first one inch of run-off. This 20-story, mixed-use, residential and retail development encompasses the entire City block. Our integrated Engineering and Landscape Architecture team, designed landscape areas to accommodate the requirement. The volume of water quality required is calculated in the same manner typically used, but that total volume was provided in several different area on the site. One method was to construct the planters on the 6th level amenity deck with a layer of gravel to provide some storage volume in the void space of the stone. The landscape drains, ensure the planters do not overflow, were set immediately above this layer. Once the storage capacity is achieved, the overflow will enter the plumbing system and move through the building to the underground detention system. The street level tree wells were constructed in a similar fashion with planters that will overflow directly to the new storm inlets located in the curb and gutter.

The Brady

The Brady is one of the most recent communities in the rapidly developing West Midtown area. The new luxury apartment community with retail on the street level, was designed to encompass approximately 2.4 acres. The civil engineering, team incorporated a stone, dry-well under permeable astro-turf in the courtyard area. The retention volume was provided in the voids of the stone and overflow drains were provided with a connection to the cast-in-place detention vault under the parking deck.

Modera Midtown

Modera Midtown is located on a small site along the 75/85 Connector. The luxury apartment tower redeveloped over 35% of the 1.5 acre site, triggering the need for the entire site to meet current stormwater code requirements. This civil engineering team met the detention requirements with a cast-in-place concrete vault, structurally designed with the foundation of the parking deck. The retention volume is provided by utilizing green roof areas as well as planters on the amenity level of the building.

Alexan on Krog

Our Civil Engineers and Landscape Architects collaborated on the design and detailing of several green infrastructure features for this mixed-use project along the bustling Krog Street corridor in Inman Park. Various approaches included permeable paving areas, stormwater planters along the streetscape, and several bio-retention areas along the Atlanta BeltlLine, landscaped with native plants.

Employee Anniversaries celebrated this quarter: Greg Delaney – 28 years, Kevin Edwards – 15 years, Jeremiah Phillips – 11 years, Wesley Reed – 9 years, Arlene Mohammed – 9 years, Mike Lagat – 4 years, Will Greer – 3 years, Antonio Samples – 1 year, Phil Bannis – 1 year

Thank you for your dedication and hard work!



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