EberlyLogoCompany culture is very important to us. It’s a truly unique identifier. If we’re happy with our team, it’s highly likely you’re going to be happy with our team as well. Our culture is a strategic blend of five components that makes it inimitable.

Our culture is one of variety and possibilities.

Our engineers, planners, and landscape architects are exposed to many project opportunities throughout their career at Eberly & Associates. Employees can actually ‘cross-over’ to work on different types of projects. From the world’s finest NASCAR race tracks to the hippest and luxurious Mixed Use developments, to Healing Gardens for the most renowned of healthcare facilities.

Our culture is one that looks out for our clients.

Our employees understand and value the contribution our engineering and landscape architecture design makes every day. They also understand the importance of nurturing relationships with clients. We are proud to think like our clients, with their ultimate goals and interests in mind. Always.

Our culture is one of living, playing and giving back.

We offer a flexible and friendly work environment. We also have a youthful and giving spirit and provide our employees with plenty of extra curricular activities to relax, take a break and/or give back to the community. Birthday parties, ball games, picnics, happy hours, community service events, etc. are all fully part of our work calendar.

eberly-building-resizedOur culture is oriented towards the technologies of the future.

Our firm offers state of the art technology to its employees. Keeping ourselves on the forefront of technology has been of tremendous help in our ability to meet our employees’ and clients’ needs. We believe in continuous improvements to our hardware and system that are necessary to operate our state-of-the-art design software and project management tools.

Our culture is one of employee involvement.

We hire people who want to get involved in every aspect of our business, from engineering and landscape architecture to management and administration. Every employee has the opportunity to be involved in all aspects of the company: Marketing (Website Committee, Marketing Campaigns Committee); HR (Recruiting Committee, Benefits and Firm Enhancement Committee); Social (Community Committee, Entertainment Committee); Technical (QA/QC Committee, CAD Committee, BIM Committee); Sustainable (LEED Committee) and many more.